When might you need specialized Travel Insurance

The majority of basic reputable travel insurance policies cover you for an awful lot. Those purchasing basic cover should be able to expect indemnity for any lost or stolen items, unplanned medical expenses or issues with canceled flights.

However, there are a lot of situations where basic cover might not be enough for those who are traveling abroad.

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Rather than risking being uninsured for certain activities abroad, it is always best to purchase cover which will indemnify you in all situations. This article highlights some of the most common occasions when travelers may need to hire more extensive travel insurance.

Pr-existing medical conditions

A lot of basic cover packages will refuse to cover any medical expenses for injuries or illnesses gained before the date of the flight. Those who have conditions such as asthma, diabetes or even more serious conditions may be better off purchasing medical conditions travel insurance instead.

Sports holidays

Those planning to take part in extreme sports whilst abroad may need more extensive cover to indemnify any accidents which occur during these activities. This would apply to anyone going on climbing, snow sports or water sports holidays.

High-risk countries

Most basic travel insurance plans will cover visits to countries regarded as low risk for war, terrorist attacks or natural disasters. Visits to war-torn Middle Eastern countries are highly likely to require more extensive insurance. Those traveling to high risk countries are also able to purchase kidnap or ransom.

The best way to ensure that you are appropriately insured before you travel abroad to take the time to read the small print of all policies and even telephone a staff member before buying insurance.

Make sure to begin this process a long time before your flight, rather than rushing a few days or hours before you are due to travel. This will allow you to purchase the most appropriate travel insurance package for yourself.