Top 5 Secrets About Travel Insurance

Most travelers realize that they can purchase plans to cover the cost of their plane tickets if they have to cancel their trip or to get medical care while on vacation, but travel insurance can help you in ways that you may not realize.

Every plan/company is different, but if you’re purchasing a policy for your next vacation, you might be able to take advantages of some of these secrets:

Travel Insurance

#1. Rebooking your Flight

If bad weather grounds plans wherever you are, you’re probably not the only grumpy traveler looking for the quickest route to your destination or home. Give your insurance agent a call. They can’t make it stop snowing, but they can often bump you up to get on the next available flight out. They’ll use their pull to minimize your wait time because otherwise, they may have to pay for a hotel room for you or completely reimburse your trip. When there’s a travel professional on your side, it’s amazingly easy to get the best service available.

#2. Auto Insurance

Some travel insurance policies cover auto insurance if you rent a car while on vacation. That saves you the cost of purchasing it from the rental care agency, where rates are typically extremely high. If you mention that you’re covered with a travel insurance policy, the rental car company may even be able to give you a lower rental rate.

#3. Emergency Translators

Should you need emergency care while on vacation, a travel insurance policy will not only cover you, but will provide you the help you need to find a doctor or hospital. In countries where you don’t speak the native language, this is vital! You don’t want to be trying to get directions in Italian if you broke your foot jet-skiing.

#4. Lost Baggage

Most people assume that airlines cover the cost of lost baggage, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Some airlines provide you with kits that include toiletries and t-shirts, but many don’t even help you with that. If your bag is lost forever, you can put in a claim to be reimbursed, but that could take weeks or even months to process. Travel insurance covers you much more quickly, allowing you to get on with your vacation.

#5. Stolen Items

Even the savviest tourists can be targets when traveling. You can purchase travel insurance to cover the loss of items stolen while you’re on vacation, which can be a life-saver if you’re hit hard by theft. Imagine how stressful it would be if all of your cash was stolen on day one of a week-long vacation! Travel insurances ensures you’ll have the money you need on your trip to pay for necessities and get home without hitchhiking.

Remember, every policy is different. Read the fine print so you know exactly how you’re covered and what you should do if you have problems while traveling.