The best 10 personal finance management software in the market

Every other day, personal finance management software apps are pumped out in the market. You just need to make a wise choice. Here are top ten personal finance management software tools to cater to your needs:

Microsoft Excel

It is a very basic and simple tool to manage your finance details. If you don’t have lot of accounts to manage, then Excel is an effective tool to start with. It has a good set of in-built features, formulas and basic mathematical functions to help you create budget and track your expenses. Microsoft Excel is the beginners’ software to manage personal financial status.


This software allows you to manage multiple accounts. It helps in tracking investment performance, planning assistance of mortgage payment, on-line banking etc. AceMoney serves the purposes of both personal and small businesses through a wider range of financial offerings.

It is a simplified software app designed to create easy budgeting, track investment expenses and generate on-time alerts. This online service comes free of cost and is compatible to work on any browsing platform. If you are looking for a software finance manager that is easily accessible at any place under the sun, is the right solution for you.


Quicken is counted as one of the top-tier finance software applications. When it comes to handling personal finance through software application, Quicken makes a must-mention. This program is extensively used throughout the length and breadth of the globe. This software comes free of cost as well as at certain price. Quicken offers a wider range of features and functions which are getting improved with every new version coming into the market. If you are seeking for optimal performance, Quicken premier is the right choice. Moreover, its price will not scare you away.

Microsoft Money

There are four Money varieties – Money, Essentials, Money Plus Deluxe, Money Plus Premium and Money Plus Home & Business. Each of these apps has found worldwide popularity. Microsoft Money – through its different versions – has come up with a variety of financial offerings.


This can be used for both personal and professional needs. It offers ease of use and some cutting-edge features that have made it an ideal tool for i-phone users to track their expenses.


This software is equipped with a complete set of budgeting features. Its multiple offerings allow you to run a checking on cash flow as well as organize the payable bills. It is a simple yet very effective finance monitoring program that generates reminder alarm so as to warn you regarding on-time bill payment. This way, you can avoid additional late fee payment.


It is an excellent spending tracker for your family as well as business. Numerous features like recurring expenses, budget rollover, categories, bill tracking facilitate budgeting for both home and business purposes.


This financial software app is highly recommended if you need flawless money management and expense tracking.


It has every feature that you can expect from a complete finance management automated tool. It creates a tailored-made budget, sets reminder and simplifies day-to-day finance management. It is ideal for those looking for advanced budgeting. However for home money management, you are less likely to use all the features it offers.