Steering wheel on the LEFT hand – Advice and tips for the LEFT car insurance

When you’re looking into buying a new car, those already made and sold in the UK are not always on the top of the list of desired cars. What if you are interested in a car from outside the UK? Every year, many people buy cars from the EU or elsewhere outside the UK and have them imported for use at home.

Imported cars can be built to different standards than UK cars and might also have a better or sportier look from outside of the country. One of the issues with these cars is that they might also have significant differences, such as being a left hand drive (LHD) model instead of a right hand drive (RHD) model as those in the UK normally are.

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It’s perfectly legal to drive an LHD car in the UK as long as you are driving on the correct side of the road and following other traffic laws. The biggest problem you might face is how to get insurance cover for your LHD vehicle.

There are UK companies who are willing to insure your imported vehicles, but they might not be the mainstream providers you are used to using. Larger, more mainstream insurance companies are usually looking for more regular circumstances and are unwilling to take on the risk and higher costs of LHD car insurance.


The main reasons that it costs more to insure an LHD car are that the risks of getting into an accident are higher, repairs can be more costly, and the car is typically not built to UK standard. You may be able to find coverage that does not have a higher premium, but many companies will ask for a larger monthly sum in exchange for you LHD car insurance policy.


If you want the best deal on your insurance, you have to invest yourself in the process and work at it until you find great deals. Sometimes you cannot get exactly what you need by just checking quotes online. If you call up an insurance provider yourself and talk it over with them, you might be able to get better rates and faster approval.

This is because many LHD insurance policies require companies to ask you about things like your previous experience in driving on the left side of the vehicle, how your vehicle has been outfitted to meet safety standards in the UK, and other information. Calling and talking it over with the provider is the best way to make sure you get the correct information and that they get the answers they will need as quickly as possible.

Don’t be disappointed if you find that many of the familiar brands will not cover your imported, LHD car. There are many other companies that are more than willing to give you great insurance deals, although you will have to search for them yourself. If you are not sure, which car do you want to buy, just hire a here a car with a Sixt voucher code for testing.