Some Eminent Personal Finance Scholars & Their Preaching

Some experts on personal finance are well-known figures throughout the world. They are much admired for their clear concept, foresighted vision and good advice. They have articulated their take on finance management, saving techniques and investment decisions through lectures and books. Those who follow their preaching earn a better skill of finance management and learn to live a comfortable life, no matter whatever they earn. This article introduces the readers to three eminent financial maestros who are as popular as their tips are.

Dave Ramsey: He is popularly nicknamed as ‘Debt Free Dollar Man’. His personal interaction with the common public is a popular syndicated radio talk show in US. Dave offers invaluable suggestions on control of money, a better living even with a paltry sum, retirement planning and investment potentials. He is much popular for his lecture on ‘How to get out of debt and stay out of debt’. He pended two popular books on how to attain good financial health. One of them, ‘The Total Money Makeover’ is a best-selling book on finance and other one, ‘Financial Peace Revisited’ that came out in 2002 also drew rave reviews from the common persons and critics as well.

Thomas Stanley: Dr. Stanley has been analyzing various components US economy for more than 30 years. He also discourses on how these components are working in respect of change in time and financial outlook. Noted for his ‘The Millionaire Next Door’ that sold more than two million copies since it came out, Dr. Stanley has written six highly acclaimed and award winning books, all of which have focused on common connections of high-heeled brackets in the USA. The chore area of Stanley’s expertise lies in his analysis of how some people who started from ground zero have amassed a pile of wealth. His New Work Times 2nd best seller ‘The Millionaire Mind’ is a discussion on the life of financial aristocrats in America.

Robert Kiyosaki: He is an erudite personality on finance and wears multiple hats as a mentor as well as a successful entrepreneur. In his famous and bestselling book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, he has shared his views on how to become wealthy by channelizing financial resources for the right investment purposes instead of following the traditional rules of saving more. He is of the view that money brings more money if you find the right way of investment. Till date, the author has written 15 books and over 26 million copies have been sold out.

These financial gurus have not shared any utopian scheme through their books and/or erudite oration, instead their preaching is drawn from their personal experience. If you want to bring some changes in your finance management in order to enjoy happy-going and healthy financial life style, follow those tips without any delay.