Scams That Target Elderly Seniors – How to Protect Your Loved Ones

Some don’t feel the pang of conscience while cheating anybody in this world; even if the person happens to be a lady or gentleman in his/her twilight years. Those people always make money by fooling others or taking advantage of their innocence and ignorance. Most of them are handsome looking, suave, well-mannered and so can easily win the trust of the elderly people. But this façade falls off but by the time the old people actually realize that, it is really too late! Those imposters have been waiting for the right time to cheat the old neighbors….It is as simple as that. So it is important for us to be aware of the scams that target elderly seniors so that we can learn to protect our loved ones.

If a salesperson raps on door and coax the old lady or lonely gentleman into buying something, it is important to check the ID card of the sales boy or salesgirl. If you are at home, you can do these pretty checking otherwise, the old person must do it for his/her safety. These door-to-door marketing professionals are very intelligent and bowl anyone over with their finest gift of the gab. They sell the cheap things at high prices to the senior citizens. So, the old bodies must beware of them.

Tele-selling is a new addition to the brand campaign and product marketing. The tele-callers strike up conversation in a friendly manner and easily build up a trusting relationship. They ask some very private questions and the seniors unknowingly divulge the secrets to the strangers. If the frauds try to trap the senior citizens in a whirl of mess via tele-calling, then these calls generally continue for a long time, say one hour or more.

Guess you are feeling depressed, aunty”? or “where is your daughter working”? Or “Is your pension enough to support your monthly expenses”? or “Do you live alone in your flat, uncle”? Very simple questions and the old people don’t see any harm in answering to them. But once the seniors vomit their very personal details, these cheaters get the true picture. And the innocent and lovely old uncle and aunty place themselves in danger. Greater chance of theft or robbery and often these activities lead to deliberate murder or accidental killing of the residents!

Every one of us can be a victim to their well-planned mischievous plan but it is the seniors who are considered ‘soft prey’ to the scams. Every day for a good part of time, these seniors live a lonely life in flat or apartment or bungalow because their grown-up children have to fulfill their professional responsibilities. It is the onus of the children to make their parents aware of the possible scams that the seniors are often victimized of. The seniors too must take care not to throw away personal information or toss banking details that may be used by the frauds lurking behind and waiting for the innocent victims. Proactive protection is the best way to defend our respected and loved ones from these nasty things and wicked people.