How to Save Painlessly

Who says no pain, no gain? Admitted that it isn’t easy to save money these days when there are always new makes and models to titillate our temptation. But wrong is the notion that you can’t save money without a painstaking conversion into a miser. It is not necessary to bring a havoc change in your style of living. Simple adjustments will do wonder and drive more pennies into your pockets.

Nowadays, Piggy Banks Are Virtual

After coming back home, how many of use slip hands in pockets to see how much is left there? I do think that majority of us have such a habit. And then if you find anything, it is tossed into our drawers or piggy banks. At the end of the month, these loose changes add up to build up a good fund of a few hundred dollars that could be spent on groceries, children’s education or even entertainment.

Unfortunately, those piggy bank makers have almost been forced to take a break from business. So what to do with those changes? Bank of America has come up with a better alternative – virtual piggy bank. It works wonderfully. Whenever you purchase anything with a check card, the bank rounds up the price to the nearest figure and transfer the difference to your account.  No extra effort is made on your part; still the penny makes its way to a safe locker.

In a New Light

The biggest expense that you make on house utilities is skewed towards power bill. Fortunately, you have dollars to save on that front, without really trying much. Just replace your old set of traditional bulbs with fluorescent tube and see the result in the long run. These bulbs consume just 25% of electric energy and still shine brighter. Not only that, they also last longer. Initial investment might be a let-down but saving per month will make for that.

Also switch off the light when you won’t be staying in the room or going out. Use thermostat with a timer so hat temperature is automatically adjusted when you will be at work or sleeping. Some simple tips but those will tank up your saving box.

Accounts to Match Education

By setting up an education matching account, you can easily to squirrel away more to education saving. You will enjoy free membership and can effortlessly save through regular consumer purchases. Retailers enrolling in the program agree to transfer a part of the purchase price to the education saving account. Several reputed brands are in the group. If you buy a product from any of them in the group, the company will contribute a certain sum to your education account. The merchants join this group because they get to enjoy cheap advertising facility and get brand loyalty.

Be Wise with Car Purchase

Some maintenance manuals have a clear mention whether premium quality oil is a must for the car. In most of the cases, use of cheap quality won’t damage the engine or downgrade the car performance. Ask your mechanic if you can mange with lower grade. By selecting ‘80’ instead of ‘90’ button, you can save a pretty sum at one go.