How To Prepare For An Insurance Medical Exam

Getting Fit For Your Medical Examination

Long before submitting to a medical examination to obtain life insurance cover you should endeavor to put yourself in the most favorable position possible. To do this you will have to start looking after your body, both in what you eat and how you exercise, as well as by living a healthy lifestyle. Avoid fatty foods and get plenty of sleep. Eat only lean meat and plenty of whole grains and fruit.

life insurance medical exam

If you have not had an opportunity to change your lifestyle practices well before any medical examination, all is not lost, as there are still some last minute changes to make that will give you the best result possible. These are:

  • Cut out sugar and salt. A few days before the examination refrain from ingesting any sugar or salt. You won’t be able to help what is already is some processed foods but don’t add any salt to your food before eating and stop putting sugar in your tea or coffee, let alone on your morning cereals.
  • No smoking. If you are a smoker don’t smoke on the day of the examination.
  • No drinking alcohol. At least not in the 24 to 48 hours before going to the examination. Alcohol will be detected in your liver.
  • It is a good idea to not eat anything at all on the day of the exam. Not from the time you go to bed the night before. This will give your body time to clear itself out a bit. And will give the doctor the most accurate results.

After the life insurance company has possession of the results of your medical examination and a copy of your answers to the medical questions that had been asked, it will be in a position to assess the level of risk you pose them. If it finds there is a chance that your risk is greater than the average, it will usually still accept you for life insurance cover, but it will most likely increase the premium you will have to pay to get the cover you want.

Some life insurance companies will require you to carry out a number of physical activity tests as well as submitting yourself to a medical examination. These are normally restricted to very large amounts of insurance and they require applicants for this level of cover to use a treadmill to test heart rate and lung capacity. You won’t be expected to perform as well as a professional athlete but you will have to prove that you are physically fit. To make certain you get the best result possible, it will pay you to get yourself into good shape well before the examination is due.