How to Negotiate with Landlord to Lower the Present Rent

Yes, like others, I too have a plan to buy an abode of my own but until it actually happens, I have to be happy with my rented apartment. I have always thought about shifting to a bigger apartment for more space, extra comfort and ultra luxury but then coiled into my inner shell as the very thought of extra expenses slapped me hard. At last, I have decided to lap up hospitality of my old apartment for a few years more. Furthermore, I am also planning to live life king size on a frugal rent budget by negotiating with my landlord in times of lease renewing. You too in the same shoes? Well follow my suggestions and the result is quite good to enjoy.

Find the best time for negotiation: The best time to negotiate with your lender for lower rent is when you are signing the lease or re-lease contract. Your past record of timely rent payment decent manner and good rapport with the landlord are some of the convincing factors if presented in an impressive tone. Make sure never to sound harsh while having a talk with your landlord regarding rent negotiation.

Early payment may earn you a good discount: Even if your landlord or apartment manager does not agree to lower the rent, do not get disheartened. You can still stand a good chance of getting discount by paying the rent on time. Most of the landlords spend a good slice of their income to chase the late payers. The amount you get as discount will be more or less equal to what you might have saved had the negotiation been successful.

Learn to compromise, everything does not come at a low price: Bigger living space, great balcony, modern amenities – who do not crave for these! But then availing these will lighter your pocket by a few extra dollars. If you can’t afford it at this moment, try to compromise. Not-so-standard dining area or small bedroom or quite a drab looking balcony – well everything can be compromised if these come at a low budget. Moreover, if your apartment is only a few kilometers away from your office, this inexpensive choice is better for you.

Ask your landlord to provide you with extra facilities: The worst case is your failure to negotiate the rent any lower. But then gain benefits in other ways. Ask the landlord to get your apartment painted or bathrooms tiles changed. Last time, I got my kitchen granite slab replaced. You have every right to demand for more that will justify your extra payment.

These are only a few ways which I apply in my life and believe me, I have been quite a success in this regard.  The money that I manage to save either by lowering the rent and/or getting discount on it will definitely be a great help to fund me in times of buying my own nest.