Four Things You Never Knew Your Car Insurance Covered You For

Any driver knows it is their legal obligation to purchase car insurance and this is typically to cover standard factors, such as fire, theft, collision, damage, etc. However, there are a number of insurable events that your car insurance will actually cover you for, and it is highly likely that you have never even considered many of these things before. This post will introduce you to four (hopefully unlikely) events that your car insurance will cover.

car insurace

A Lawyer

You never know when you’ll need a lawyer, and as statistics go, you’ll probably need one at some stage in your life. Studies have shown that there is a 10% chance of a person being sued in any given year and a 1 in 3 chance over their entire lifetime. However, did you know that your car insurance can provide you with a lawyer if you happen to be sued for an incident which is covered within your auto insurance policy?

Your Pet

When it comes to car accidents and pets most people automatically assume it may have something to with a cat or dog being hit by a motorist. However, depending on who you’ve taken your auto insurance policy with, and also what it covers, you may be able to cover injury to your pet while they were riding in the car with you. Imagine if you are involved in an auto accident and your pet happens to be sitting on the back seat and becomes injured. Unfortunately, you won’t have something such as seat restraint or seat belt suitable for your pet and they may become injured even from the most minor accident. This may involve visits to the vet, and no doubt vet’s bills, although your policy should cover you for this.


If your car happens to be damaged or even destroyed during a terrorist attack and you have comprehensive coverage then your car insurance policy will cover this. However, you should be aware that acts of war are not covered, but your insurance company will decide what type of attack this was. This probably isn’t something that most people want to think about, but when you consider the number of terror attacks that have taken place over the last decade, unfortunately this could be a real possibility.

So Called Friends

It’s a scenario we all dread – you’ve lent your car to a friend in good faith and then you receive the dreaded phone call to inform you they’ve been in an accident and damaged your car. To make matters worse your friend then informs you that they are not insured. Your immediate thoughts turn to your car (well, probably after wanting to throttle your friend) and how you’re going to recoup the costs. Well, it just so happens that your insurance policy will cover an incident such as this, whether your friend is insured or not. Remember, your auto insurance covers your car, so even if someone else was driving, the damage caused will be covered. You will, of course, still have to pay the deductible, although that probably doesn’t seem so bad now that you know you can have the damage repaired under your insurance policy.